Foundation for Societal Empowerment and Rejuvenation (FOSER) is an independent membership, non-governmental and nonprofit organization which started with a group of committed members drawn from a spectrum of professional with technical backgrounds who are distinctly familiar with their various societies norms and cultures ranging from Africa, Europe, America etc. and whose personal sacrifices and commitments leads to groundbreaking achievements within a few years of its establishment.


A vibrant society of youths and vulnerable groups of people living below $5/day, i.e. women, children in extreme poverty, IDPs, where youths and human dignity at large are respected and every youth and vulnerable group of people everywhere enjoy equal rights and participate in the socioeconomic and the political development of their communities.


To promote underprivileged youths and vulnerable groups of people living below $5 / day to participate in meaningful development and impact on society through education, sports and socioeconomic empowerment.


  • Social: – to partake and establish multiple community harmonized activities.
  • Encouraging Peace and harmonious growth in Society: - By supporting young women, men including vulnerable groups to develop their human potential in order to exploit different opportunities that will increase their confidence towards improving their quality of life and promote their social inclusion, partnership and networks aimed at achieving a positive and equitable development in the society.


  • Rights-based approaches in service delivery to ensure harmonious, fair and equitable progression for and especially the poor and underprivileged.
  • Sensitization and mobilization of the poor and underprivileged youths (living below $5/day) and the marginalized to participate in socioeconomic activities as an important tool for lifting them out of poverty and creating a favourable society for sustainable development.
  • Education, a powerful instrument for meaningful development, none should be deprived of especially in the 21st Century.
  • Information/Logistics sharing and networking provides an enormous opportunity for high-level development, preservation of cultural heritage and legacy.
  • Cooperation and partnership, transparency and accountability are essential tools for a more peaceful and prosperous society.


  • To sensitize the community towards building a sustainable socioeconomic and political structure that will enhance the quality of life of youths and disabled as they are the majority in most communities.
  • To promote the principles of fairness, gender equality, employment, social inclusion, outdoor education and indoor sports development.
  • To promote resource development, information sharing and cooperative network to bridge the knowledge divide and establish sustainable multi-purpose youth and handicapped access points.
  • To encourage environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, forestry and qualitative/quantitative food production to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
  • To promote resource development, information sharing and cooperative network to bridge the knowledge divide and establish sustainable multi-purpose youth.
  • To promote health care delivery systems, improve maternal and child health, combat HIV/AIDS, T.B., Malaria and other diseases as well as water sanitation and hygiene promotion.
  • To promote gender-sensitive programmes that will open the minds of youth.
  • To promote physical indoor sports-related programmes that will open and broaden the minds of youths in realizing their full potential to attain self-reliance.
  • To encourage and develop sports programmes, formal and non-formal education for all, media literacy for women, youths, physically challenged and entrepreneurial skills development to overcome the challenges of illiteracy.
  • To develop and strengthen the public-private partnership that will enhance an enabling environment for poverty reduction strategies with a view to building the capacity of youths and the physically handicapped and increasing their productivity to improve their living conditions and livelihoods.



From its conception Foundation for Societal Empowerment and Rejuvenation (FOSER) has recorded few, but major steps in the right direction, achievements like:

  • Uniting and liaising with like-minded youths within the North-Central, West and Eastern region of the Federation with Bauchi State as the pilot project.
  • Sensitization of youths (18-35 years) on voters' rights (Nigerian General Election 2015) in addition to voter registration in order to have a credible voice and exercise of their freedom of expression for personal and societal benefits.
  • Sensitizing and educating interested youths on potential life skills and entrepreneurial possibilities.
  • Using the internet i.e. social media to enlighten and propagate like-minded youths both in Nigeria and the world at large as the world is now a global village, following (twitter#) major stakeholders of youth development, organizations, donor agencies and the private sector.
  • Surveying potential locations, sites and programmes to be encapsulated to form a formidable R.E.S.T movement.


Our Focus

  • Education
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Agriculture


Our Strategies

  • Civic Education
  • Capacity building and Training
  • Confidence and Moral Building
  • Information sharing and Networking
  • Research, Documentation and Publication
  • Sensitization and Awareness of human rights

Our Beneficiaries

Underprivileged youths (Male and Female) and vulnerable groups of people living below $5 / day.
Monitoring and Evaluation
FOSER defines its areas of activities and trail dynamically, its’ objectives through basic measurement of regular monitoring and evaluation, and frequent appraisal of its community-based supervisors on a quarterly basis to ensure conformity and continuity.


FOSER is funded through, levies, donations, consultancy services and grants from donor agencies (National and International), private sectors and governments.


FOSER is willing to establish a partnership with all organizations and government agencies at all levels committed to development programmes.


FOSER is governed by a non-bureaucratic structure of the General Assembly, 6-member Governing Board and 9-member Management team.
The Governing Board is charged with the responsibility of giving the organization a strategic direction, meets quarterly to review the performance of the organization, deal with issues of funding and approve programmes and budgets of the organization.

The management team comprises of the Top Management Staff of the organization. The team meets bi-weekly to plan and review programmes of the various departments and adopts budgets. FOSER has its operational office in Bauchi; it intends to cover the entire North-East sub-region by the year 2017. FOSER. has four departments; Training / Sports, Resource Center, Finance/Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation.


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Office Address: O/E No. 3 Abba K. Zadawa Shopping Complex, Ahmadu Bello Way, Bauchi.

Mobile Number: +2348061308005

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