FOSER DEBATE - The Challenge 
We are coming up with an Intra- University, Interfaculty Debate flagging off separately at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Gombe stateUniversity, Bauchi State University and over the course of time expanding our reach to all Institutions across the Nation. 

In the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, 10 faculties would be debating in 3 stages and enlightening the whole Nation about how climate change relates to their field and how why everyone should be involved. In the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, 10 faculties will also be going into the challenge. 

At Gombe State University, 3 faculties will go into the challenge. Each University will produce a winner and then we go into the Inter-University Debate that will produce a grand winner. 

The essence of this debate is to ensure that climate change becomes a trending topic among the African youth. It is a continental vision that will radiate gradually from Northeast to Northwest Region, to National and finally Inter-country.

The 3 Million P.E.T.S Clean Up Campaign, is an environmental project which would comprise the advocacy for recycling of Polyethylene (PET) bottles and Nylon (Pure water) sachets instead of disposing them carelessly after taking the contents. 

It is to encourage a culture of not disposing waste indiscriminately on the streets, roads. This is because the sachets and bottles find their way into the drains when there is rainfall and they go on to clog the drains.

The structure of the idea is that our NGO, Sustain Africa Earth Initiative, is able to issue green cards to anyone who is able to volunteer to join us to clean up Lagos state of 1 million P.E.T bottles and 2 million pure water sachets (3 MILLION P.E.T.S CAMPAIGN). These green cards will offer incentives to the consumers who adopt this culture based on our sponsors.

FOSER Dream Initiative has an ambitious goal of employing community participation in planting at least one tree per each house in at least 100,000 known houses in Lagos- (This template will be replicated in other states of Nigeria and other continents in Africa.) However, we do not intend that we supply all these 100,000 trees. What we rather want to do is to conduct a pilot phase of distributing and planting 5,000- 6,000 trees (which would be supplied free to each home and monitored) to create the awareness about the Green Card System. 

The Green card is simply a card which would be issued to anyone who has planted a tree in his house or anywhere else in the Lagos metropolis with proof. This card will be registered with as many products of manufacturing firms and several service providers as possible. Thus, possessing the card will entitle one to have maybe extra products on one product bought or a half price on some products or maybe an additional recharge card for recharging a specific amount and presenting the green card. 

After this we would expect that with the incentives the Eko Green Card will offer, People will of their own volition rush to plant trees. We want the green card to be embraced by as many manufacturers and firms who one way or the other emit carbon into the atmosphere due to their use of Generators to generate power. It would be their own way of indirectly planting trees by giving incentives to citizens as they plant.

This is aimed at environmental education and advocacy. We do this based on our desire to be a voice that creates awareness about negative environmental issues. It will start from nursery to tertiary institutions for the youth and extend to market squares for the illiterate as well as local government councils and so on. 

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